Working with an intimidating boss

10-Oct-2017 21:17

working with an intimidating boss-26

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As managers get more comfortable in a new role, their focus usually shifts from their previous work to current responsibilities.The micromanager is afraid of losing control, so you need to make him comfortable with your decisions and actions.Narration: There's a growing realisation psychopaths are thriving in today's workplace. Now the figures are that 0.5% of women are psychopaths, and 2% are men. And how do you avoid being the next victim of the workplace psychopath.According to the textbooks, every large company has them. So that means there are up to 25 corporate psychopaths somewhere up there. Psychologist John Clarke started out profiling criminal psychopaths, but four years ago, he began to realise there was a much bigger problem.If your boss frequently yells or curses at you, throws temper tantrums, or personally criticizes you, odds are you have a bullying boss.

The majority of them are living and working around us in jobs psychologically destroying the people that they work with.

Dr John Clarke: I was giving a lecture on criminal psychopaths and someone came down after that lecture and said that their boss had the same characteristics as what I'd just described for a criminal one.

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